What is

DP Foundation

DP Education is a Sri Lankan private foundation engaging in charitable activities, focused on providing free, world-class education and quality healthcare facilities for all.


In aligning our actions with our core values of inclusivity, quality, and compassion, the DP Foundation seeks not just to transform individual lives but also to drive societal progress on a global scale. Our long-term goal is to see a world where each person has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive in a healthy environment, thereby contributing to the collective betterment of humanity.

DP Treebook

The DP Tree Book initiative, in collaboration with Planet Protectors, represents a concerted effort to confront environmental challenges in Sri Lanka through the conservation and proliferation of endangered trees. This partnership aligns the shared objectives of both organizations to create a sustainable future by nurturing the natural legacy through strategic planting and meticulous documentation of vital species.

Our Vision

Our vision is to actively protect and restore Sri Lanka’s endangered plant species, nurturing a diverse and thriving natural environment that will benefit future generations.

To report species and location contact us now!