A Green Alliance to Nurture the Ecosystem of Sri Lanka

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a Sri Lanka where every endangered tree stands tall and every native species flourishes, creating a tapestry of biodiversity unparalleled in its richness and vitality. We see a future where our commitment to documenting and protecting endangered trees, coupled with the donation of 10 million plants from species on the National Red List, results in the rejuvenation of our natural heritage. Our goal is not only to remove native endangered species from the Red List but also to establish a legacy of preservation and restoration that echoes through generations, ensuring that Sri Lanka’s unique and vital ecosystems are sustained and celebrated far into the future.

Our Target

  • Document and protect 520,000 endangered trees in Sri Lanka.
  • Donate 10 million plants from native species listed as endangered on the National Red List.
  • Aim to rehabilitate and remove 625 native endangered species from the National Red List.
  • Commit to the preservation and restoration of Sri Lanka’s unique and vital ecosystems for future generations.

trees successfully planted.
acres of land actively reforested.
targeted species have been planted.
trees have been tracked in the website.


What is Treetag?

Treetag encompasses the meticulous documentation of endangered plants, entailing the systematic planting and tracking of native species exclusive to a specific geographic area.

This comprehensive approach includes detailed record-keeping of species names, planting dates, locations, and environmental conditions, thereby contributing to the preservation and promotion of local biodiversity.

Join Us in This Journey

In our journey, your support is the key! Together, let’s amplify impact through collaboration and community engagement. Join us in making strides toward shared goals.